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Most companies in the pharma/biotech world have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in more ways than one. An area that has been hit is the audit schedule. You may have already planned out the full year with delayed audits from 2020 rescheduled to 2021. Although we are recovering there is still uncertainty in the length of time society will be impacted by this virus. Take action now to keep your audit schedule on track!

Vendor Audit Risk Assessment

If you haven’t already now is the time to revisit your Vendor Audit Risk Assessment to identify those audits that are urgent and should take priority. There may be vendor audits that you cannot afford to delay any further. Delays in auditing could keep you from catching issues with vendors which may need to be addressed immediately. Even with any requalification audits that could be delayed a few months, you know that vendors will most definitely be inundated with requests for virtual and onsite audits now some are allowing visitors onsite again. Everyone will be trying to audit the same vendors to cram in before the end of the year. It could become a scheduling nightmare.

Using Consultants

Luckily, experienced consultants are here to help. Utilising expert auditors for audits, either virtual or onsite will save your QA team some headaches. Whether it is GLP, GCP focused audits, many vendors have got used to virtual audits over the past year and understand they need to be accommodating. It is a modification to the typical auditing procedures that is not ideal for all “visits” but may be necessary to maintain productivity. Now facilities are opening up to visitors you may be wanting to schedule onsite visits, but your QA team is overwhelmed.

Who really needs another reason to tear their hair out leading up to the end of year holidays?

We can support your QA in completing your audit program. Why not schedule a call with The Knowlogy and find out how we can make sure your holiday is a merry one.

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